Umberto Bignardi (b.1935) is one of the main protagonists of the Italian Pop Art movement. Born in Bologna, Italy he is living and working in Milan. He belonged in fact to the group called "Scuola di Piazza del Popolo". Bignardi honed his artistic language in the lively atmosphere of Rome, mainly under the tutorship of Toti Scialoja and in the company of artists like Gastone Novelli and Cy Twombly. His paintings reflect a personal interpretation of the poetics of signs and colours of the Pop climate that was evolving in Italy and around the world during the 60’s. He also made various works on paper that bear witness to his decisive move towards the use of images from the disparate worlds of science and mass communication of that time. His work was discussed by the most respected critics of the time (from Maurizio Calvesi to Cesare Vivaldi and Alberto Boatto) and displayed in solo exhibitions such as those at the Galleria La Tartaruga in Rome in 1961 and 1963, at the Galleria De' Foscherari in Bologna in 1964 and the Galleria L'Attico in Rome in 1967, as well as in collective exhibitions like "13 Pittori a Roma", in 1963, "Arte Nuova" at the Lunds Konsthall, in 1964 and finally the Venice Biennale of 1966.





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