Ugo La Pietra (b.1938) is an architect, artist, filmmaker, editor, musician, cartoonist and teacher, born in  Bussi sul Tirino, Italy and linving in Milan. During the end of the 50's he worked in the pictorial field becoming one of the artist of the Cenobio group. Around the 60’s he became more interested in moving simultaneously in the art and design fields; since 1962 his activities have developed a tendency to clarify and define the relationship between the individual and the environment. At the start of the process he created his “Modelli di Comprensione” (Models of Understanding), geared towards transforming the traditional relationship between work and spectator. A tireless experimenter, he has crossed different currents with multiple mediums: from Informalism and Conceptual Art to Narrative Art and artist's cinema. He conducted a research that were embodied in the theory of the "Disequilibrating System" (Autonomous Expression within Radical Design) and important sociological themes such as "The Telematic Home" (MoMA, New York, 1972 - Fiera di Milano, 1983), "Real Space/ Virtual Space" (Triennale di Milano 1979, 1992), "The eclectic Home" (Abitare il Tempo, 1990), "Beach Culture" (Centro Culturale Cattolica, 1985/1995). 

Attrezzature urbane per la collettività,  1979

Riconversione progettuale, 1979-2016

Paletti e catene, 1979


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