Renata Bianconi, in line with her interpretation of the art gallery as a “Factory”, founds, in 2019, the “RAW space”, a cultural space located in the subterranean of the gallery.
From the deepest part of the exhibition space, emerges a territory unrelated to the aesthetic and market logic; an “underground” place, in a concrete but also metaphorical sense.
Here artists are asked to carry out site-specific projects, dealing with a space that brings together all the nuance of a “raw” attribute: it is in fact raw, naked, rough but also - and above all- free, as the artist’s work must be when invited to connect with it.
To prove the intention of being an art incubator, the RAW space will also host artists who are not represented by the gallery but chosen for the strenght of their creative process and the relevance of their poetics.

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