Paola Di Bello                                                                                                                                                                         


Born 1961, Naples, Italy
Lives and works in Milan, Italy

Paola Di Bello is a photographer and videomaker. Her work is focused on exploring the socio-political problems in the contemporary city. She trained in the studio of her father Bruno, one of the Italian artist who in the 70s started to make a radical use of photography in the artistic practice, then she started traveling around the Europe to develop her artistic research. Her work shows the potential for changing reality through bringing together the global dimension and local life. She also focuses on abandoned objects, illegal developments and people on the society margins. In fact she makes photographic campaigns about urban fringes, from the favelas of South America to Roma communities, traveling in Italy, New York, Baghdad and Japan. Her projects include “Layers of reality” - Mercado Central, São Paulo (2001) and “Cosa si vede a Mirafiori, cosa vede Mirafiori” (2002). Since 2006 she is Lecturer in Photography and Head of the MA Photography atthe Brera Academy of Fine Arts. 

Medusa, 1988

La conoscenza di sè, 1990-91 

Fuoricampo Napoli, 1997

Breaking News, Baghdad, 2002

Oil for food, 2002

Rear Window, 2000-16  

Ora e qui, Milano, 2016