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Mishka Henner


Born 1976, Brussels, Belgium
Lives and works in Manchester, England

Mishka Henner is usually defined as a photographer even if he does not create his works using the camera. In particular he belongs to the generation of artists interested in redefining the role of photography in the internet age. His research is focused on the appropriation of images from image-rich technologies such as Google Earth, Google Street View and YouTube. Since the mid-nineties after a degree in sociology, Henner has looked at the world through the help of "seeing machines”: in this way, he has had the opportunity to see portions of territory infinitely large or infinitely small in order to have a real vision but also an imaginary one. His process is based on an extensive documentary research combined with the meticulous construction of imagery from materials sourced online. He considers the capturing of images as a unified representation of the world with infinite detail that can be accessible to anyone just with internet. His work has been exhibited amongst others at MoMA New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Turner Contemporary, Margate, Hasselblad Foundation, Goterborg, and Örebro Konsthall. 

Astronomical, 2011 

Dutch Landscapes, 2011

Less Américains 2012

Feedlots, 2012-13 

Fields, 2012-13 

Turbines, 2017-2018