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Umberto Bignardi (b.1935) is one of the main protagonists of the Italian Pop Art movement. Born in Bologna, Italy he is living and working in Milan. He belonged in fact to the group called "Scuola di Piazza del Popolo". Bignardi honed his artistic language in the lively atmosphere of Rome, mainly under the tutorship of Toti Scialoja and in the company of artists like Gastone Novelli and Cy Twombly. His paintings reflect a personal interpretation of the poetics of signs and colours of the Pop climate that was evolving in Italy and around the world during the 60’s. He also made various works on paper that bear witness to his decisive move towards the use of images from the disparate worlds of science and mass communication of that time. His work was discussed by the most respected critics of the time (from Maurizio Calvesi to Cesare Vivaldi and Alberto Boatto) and displayed in solo exhibitions such as those at the Galleria La Tartaruga in Rome in 1961 and 1963, at the Galleria De' Foscherari in Bologna in 1964 and the Galleria L'Attico in Rome in 1967, as well as in collective exhibitions like "13 Pittori a Roma", in 1963, "Arte Nuova" at the Lunds Konsthall, in 1964 and finally the Venice Biennale of 1966.






Paola Di Bello (b.1961 ) was born in Naples, Italy, and she’ s a photographer and videomaker. Her work is focused on exploring the socio-political problems in the contemporary city. She trained in the studio of her father Bruno, one of the Italian artist who in the 70s started to make a radical use of photography in the artistic practice, then she started traveling around the Europe to develop her artistic research. Her work shows the potential for changing reality through bringing together the global dimension and local life. She also focuses on abandoned objects, illegal developments and people on the society margins. In fact she makes photographic campaigns about urban fringes, from the favelas of South America to Roma communities, traveling in Italy, New York, Baghdad and Japan. Her projects include “Layers of reality” - Mercado Central, São Paulo (2001) and “Cosa si vede a Mirafiori, cosa vede Mirafiori” (2002). Since 2006 she is Lecturer in Photography and Head of the MA Photography atthe Brera Academy of Fine Arts.


La conoscenza di sè

Fuoricampo Napoli

Breaking News, Baghdad

Oil for food

Rear Window

Ora e qui


GIOIA DI GIROLAMO                 

Gioia Di Girolamo (b.1984) is a young italian artist that lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She studied at IED – European Institute of Design, Milan.
She exhibited at PetCokeGallery, Detroit, 55SP Gallery, San Paolo, HoldResidency, Tokyo, Dimora Artica, Milan, MAH Museum Angra Do Heroismo, Terceira, Like a Little Disaster. Foothold, Polignano a Mare, TAL Gallery, Cascais, Citè des Arts, Paris, The Format Gallery, Milan, Museo Michetti, Francavilla al Mare amongst others. Has participated in the residences at Re_Act contemporary Art Laboratory, Terceira, Azores Islands. Gioia Di Girolamo is also a Co-founder of ULTRASTUDIO artist run space project.

A bag full of glittery runes, 2018

Latex bald cap, clay, nail polish, acrylic
Variable dimensions


Polystyrene balls, elastic silver lycra
25 × 140 × 70 cm

Christoph, 2019

Synthetic clay, acrylic, nail polish, top coat polish nail
24 × 32 × 24 cm

EMaRy-nr Terapy n10, 2019

Polystyrene balls, elastic silver lycra, tablet, cables, synthetic clay, acrylic, nail polish, top coat nail polish, video (Resolution: Full Hd 1080p, Codec: H264,Format: 16:9, Frame Rate: 23,976, Duration: 2’46", Sound: yes)
23 × 130 × 100 cm

”Do you want chat?”, 2017 / 2019

Elastic fabric, technical sport fabric digital printed, nitro spray, wrought iron
150 × 110 × 120 cm

Fetch Trick, 2019

Canvas, padding, pluriball, elastic silver lycra
100 × 80 × 12 cm



Ugo La Pietra (b.1938) is an architect, artist, filmmaker, editor, musician, cartoonist and teacher, born in  Bussi sul Tirino, Italy and linving in Milan. During the end of the 50's he worked in the pictorial field becoming one of the artist of the Cenobio group. Around the 60’s he became more interested in moving simultaneously in the art and design fields; since 1962 his activities have developed a tendency to clarify and define the relationship between the individual and the environment. At the start of the process he created his “Modelli di Comprensione” (Models of Understanding), geared towards transforming the traditional relationship between work and spectator. A tireless experimenter, he has crossed different currents with multiple mediums: from Informalism and Conceptual Art to Narrative Art and artist's cinema. He conducted a research that were embodied in the theory of the "Disequilibrating System" (Autonomous Expression within Radical Design) and important sociological themes such as "The Telematic Home" (MoMA, New York, 1972 - Fiera di Milano, 1983), "Real Space/ Virtual Space" (Triennale di Milano 1979, 1992), "The eclectic Home" (Abitare il Tempo, 1990), "Beach Culture" (Centro Culturale Cattolica, 1985/1995). 

Attrezzature urbane per la collettività,  1979

Riconversione progettuale, 1979-2016

Paletti e catene, 1979



Elena El Asmar (b.1978) is an artist who works with different media: sculpture, painting, paper and tapestry. Born in Florence, Italy, living in Milan, she has Lebanese origins that leads her to be interested in the memory of objects that characterize the domestic life in Leban and that are able to make her remember the visions that have fascinated and contaminated her childhood. Her approach is focused on these thoughts that she wants to translate into images. In her annual trips between Italy and her family of Jbeil, the exchanges of furniture, cups, utensils, aromas of spices have become the way to keep alive the belonging to a place that is very important for the artist. From those objects she creates her works. El Asmar is among the founders of Madeinfilandia, COSMO space (Come Ogni Semplice Movimento Ortagonale, or Like Every Simple Orthogonal Movement). 

Arioso Operoso, 2015-18

Reverie, 2016-17

Spargo, lancio, divido, cospargo


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