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FAUSTA SQUATRITI                         


After an initial interest in painting and drawing, between 1965 and 1974 Fausta Squatriti became committed to sculpture, exploring the severity of geometric shapes and their possible contamination with different elements lacquered with colors made with industrial technique. Since the 70s, she decided to eliminate the color in order to work on monochrome and on geometric shapes divided in such a way as to give great importance to the empty space. For a decade she interpreted in a personal way the abstract-geometric tendency focusing her research on the geometry and she created iron and steel sculptures. Squatriti showed her geometric sculptures in black iron and steel in important galleries such as Galleria del Naviglio in Milan in 1979. In the mid 80s there was a turning point in Squatriti’s work: her research proceeded towards the employing of photos, geometry and objects taken from reality. The goal is to propose a reflection on the evil and the tragic that is part of all the forms of life. The work of the last two decades elaborates many of the experiences of the avant-gardes of the '900 in orde to question the ultimate meaning of existence, death and pain. Starting the end of the 80s until today, Squatriti has been presented on the international scene with personal and collective exhibitions in galleries and prestigious museums in Europe such as Magazzini del Sale, Biennale d’Arte di Venezia in 2010, or Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2011. 

Urformen ‘60-’62

La Passeggiata di Buster Keaton ‘64-’66

Sculture colorate ‘67-’70

Nel Regno Animale ‘90-’95


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