Elena El Asmar (b.1978) is an artist who works with different media: sculpture, painting, paper and tapestry. Born in Florence, Italy, living in Milan, she has Lebanese origins that leads her to be interested in the memory of objects that characterize the domestic life in Leban and that are able to make her remember the visions that have fascinated and contaminated her childhood. Her approach is focused on these thoughts that she wants to translate into images. In her annual trips between Italy and her family of Jbeil, the exchanges of furniture, cups, utensils, aromas of spices have become the way to keep alive the belonging to a place that is very important for the artist. From those objects she creates her works. El Asmar is among the founders of Madeinfilandia, COSMO space (Come Ogni Semplice Movimento Ortagonale, or Like Every Simple Orthogonal Movement). 

Arioso Operoso, 2015-18

Reverie, 2016-17

Spargo, lancio, divido, cospargo


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