Founded in 2004 by Renata Bianconi, Galleria Bianconi champions emerging and established Italian and international artists, hand picking the very best contemporary talents, and nurturing them at all stages of their career.
Gaining a reputation of its distinctive programme of curated exhibitions, Galleria Bianconi continues working to present an international programme focused on artistic experimentation and interdisciplinary practices. At the core of the gallery’s principles is the promotion and investigation of the artist’s work, stimulating important reevaluation of the careers of 21st century artists as well as sponsoring new emerging generations.
Our continuing aim is to create a unique platform for the artist and the viewer, challenging the possibilities of a new gallery model which combines market operations with encouraging experimentation, artistic innovation, research, cultural debate, publications and collaborations with private and public institutions. 
We have a total commitment to artists and their creative endeavor, an attitude which leads us to projects of confrontation that, although with a curatorial direction, welcome the artists to interact with each other and with the space. In continuous evolution, Galleria Bianconi is not only a physical place but also a flexible reality that is able to adapt to the changes of the art system and sometimes foresees them with embracing the new challenges.

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